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Technology Across the Curriculum

TAC Bibliography


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This final report represents a strategic plan for implementing distributed education keeping in mind costs, quality and accountability. Guiding initiatives of the plan reflected in the recommendations are: 1) increase access for learners; 2) enhance learning quality; 3) increase learning productivity.

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Technology Across the Curriculum Presentations and Workshops

  • 2006:   Technology Across the Curriculum: Programmatic Approaches to Developing Students' IT Fluency (Pre-Conference Workshop, Association of American Colleges and Universities 92nd Annual Meeting, Washington, DC)
  • 2005:   Technology Across the Curriculum Programs: Keys to Success (EDUCAUSE Southeast Regional, Atlanta, GA) powerpoint presentation.
  • 2004:   The Whole is Greater than the Parts (Pre-Conference Seminar, Educause National Conference)
  • 2003:   Library-IT Collaborations to Support Teaching and Learning (Washington-Area Academic Computing Centers Association)
    • Grass Roots Faculty Leadership for Change (AAHE National Conference)
    • Building a Culture of Collaboration (Educause Mid-Atlantic Conference)
  • 2002:   Collaborative Assessment of IT Skills (AAHE Assessment Conference)
    • Spanish in the US: A Database for Discovery Learning (Conference on Teaching and Learning in the Real World)
    • Supporting Technology Across the Curriculum (Mid-Atlantic Technology Support Conference)
    • TAC: An IT-Academic Partnership (National Learning Infrastructure Initiative)
    • A Practical Guide to Creating a Collaborative IT Environment (Pre-Conference Seminar for Educause National Conference)
  • 2001:   Ten to Get Ready: A Framework for Technology Across the Curriculum (Educause National Conference); PowerPoint presentation.
    • Promoting and Assessing Technology Use on a Most-Wired Campus (AAHE National Conference)
  • 2000:   Technology and the Quality of Learning (Washington E-Learning Forum)
    • Graduating Liberal Arts Students with Sophisticated Technology Skills (Pre-Conference Seminar, Educause National Conference)
    • Computing Literacy (Seminars in Academic Computing)
    • Integrating Technology in Teaching and Learning (ACUTA Senior Leadership Forum)

Technology Across the Curriculum Consultations

  • 2006:   *St. Albans School The National Cathedral School for Boys
  • 2005:   *Middle Tennessee State University
    • *St. Albans School The National Cathedral School for Boys
    • *The National Cathedral School for Girls
    • *SUNY Oneonta
  • 2004:   * Johns Hopkins University, MD
    • *Kapiolani Community College/University of Hawaii
    • *American University of Cairo
    • +SUNY Oneonta, Oneonta NY
    • +Claremont-McKenna College, CA
  • 2003:   Lynn University, FL
    • +Washington and Jefferson College, PA
    • *North Carolina State University
    • *Towson University
  • 2002:   North Greenville College, SC
    • +North Carolina State University
    • *Claremont-McKenna College, CA
    • Salisbury University, MD
    • *South East Essex College, England
  • 2001:   +Wheaton College, Wheaton MA
    • Harford Community College, MD
    • Mount Union College, OH
    • University of Southern Mississippi
    • University of North Carolina, Wilmington
    • University of Colorado, Boulder
    • American Psychological Association
    • University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
    • Union University, TN
    • DePauw University, IN
  • 2000:   University of Arkansas at Little Rock

* Visited George Mason University
+ TAC representatives invited to campus

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